Photography & Videography

Wedding moments are precious so for that, u need the best person who understands your expectations and makes photographs and videos in an artistic manner.

7 Wachan Catering & Event understands the value of memories.Photographs can stop time and take you to a whole new world of nostalgia. Who doesn’t love to ogle their wedding photographs? And with the inclination made towards wedding photographers, new and innovative ways of capturing the moments have been appreciated by people and one such approach is the wedding films that have gained a lot of limelight.

Wedding cinematographers capture a lot more than just a moment. They depict the joy, eccentricity and the craziness of your tribe on your big day. Wedding film tells us how happy your bridesmaids were and lets you hear your father’s joy when you hit the dance floor with him for that special performance. The magic of moving images is surreal and at 7 Wachan Catering & Event, we make every piece a master piece.

Our Specialities

Industry Experience

One the the well known name in Catering Services at Patna

Brilliant Team

We have the best cooks, waiters and decorators in our team

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We have been able to create memorable events for each one of our clients

Budget Friendly

Most of the events start with an initial meeting with the couple to determine budget

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Customer satisfaction is always our priority

Long Term Relationship

We try to build long term relationship. Word to mouth publicity is important for us